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Custom Magnets

Now you can print your image or logo on a custom magnetic car decal! Choose from a variety of shapes from the templates below, or choose a Die Cut magnet to have the magnet cut around the edge of your design. These high-quality magnetic car stickers are fun, durable, and can keep your message at the forefront of your client's mind.

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About Our Custom Magnets

Our high-quality magnets can be applied to any smooth, clean magnetic surface. They are safe for use on refrigerators, dishwashers, and any other magnetic surface, including vehicles, since they will not damage paint when removed. These magnets are made from a magnetic material that is 30 mil thick and can be used indoors and out.

We offer a large collection of existing magnet designs, or you can create your own with a custom magnet. Custom magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circles, stars, hearts, ovals, and large rectangles specifically sized for vehicles and car doors. It's easy to create a custom magnet in our design tool. Start by uploading a photo, logo, or existing design, or use the tool to add personalized text, change fonts and colors, and add artwork from our huge clipart library.

Collection of custom magnets on metal door

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Magnets

Why do large car door magnets have rounded corners?
The first place that magnetic signs can have a problem adhering to a vehicle is the corners. Over time the corners may "flag up" creating the possibility for air and water to get underneath and therefore causing the magnet to not adhere well. Rounding the corners helps prevent this problem.

Is a car door magnet safe to take through the car wash?
Although the magnets are weatherproof, we recommend removing car door magnets before entering a car wash. The water pressure and brushes can be strong enough to remove the magnets from your vehicle.

Why should I clean my car door magnet every day?
Magnetic vinyls can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces unless properly maintained, which includes daily removal. Please visit the Car Magnet Cleaning Instructions page for magnetic cleaning and care instructions.