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Custom Oval Stickers & Decals

One of our all around most popular sticker and car decal types is our custom oval stickers. They’re great for pretty much any situation and use. They’re inexpensive but highly customizable and durable. Our custom oval stickers are perfect for business or personal use. Popular among artists, bands, local businesses, groups and organizations as a great way to advertise or increase brand awareness.

Sharing a Message or Brand

There are a few options available with our affordable oval stickers. You can create a simple sticker with text and a background color. You can also upload your own clipart and create a cool looking, small oval sticker with your art and any text that you’d like to add. Alternatively you can also select to upload your own image or design. The last option is great for business branding, political campaigning or for custom car decals.

The custom oval stickers are available at hugely discounted pricing for wholesale buyers. They’re all made of high quality vinyl and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use but can be purchased at an affordable price. Whether you’re campaigning or working to increase local or brand awareness, these are an effective and inexpensive way to do so.

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