Shape Stickers and Decals

Choose or create custom shapes stickers and decals as labels, for education or any other purpose. Multiple shapes and sizes available.

Shapes Car Stickers and Decals

Shapes stickers can be used for a number of different purposes but most commonly used for labels and signs. We have all of the most popular shapes available to choose from. Circles, squares and rectangles are usually the most commonly used shapes, especially for labels while octagons and triangles are typically used for signs. You can also customize the stickers and decals and choose different colors and shapes depending on your needs.

All of shapes stickers are made of high quality vinyl which is designed for outdoor use and is therefore weatherproof. The stickers can be used to write on or in conjunction with other stickers and lettering. Many of our customers use our vinyl shapes stickers to write their own text on them which can then be erased or changes with dry erase markers.

Whatever the reason, our shape stickers and car decals have multiple uses and functionality and can be customized as needed. They are easy to apply and can be used on any smooth surface. They are safe on car paint and can also be removed without leaving adhesive residue behind.