Card Suits Playing Cards and Dice Stickers and Decals

If you love playing cards or gambling, check out our awesome decals! Get playing cards, dice, and diamond shaped stickers for your ride at Car Stickers.

Card Suits Playing Cards & Dice Car Stickers and Decals

Playing cards have been used as far back as the 9th century in China and from there the concept spread across Persia and Arabia, Egypt, and Europe, quickly gaining popularity around the world. Today, playing cards are used for hundreds of different games, art projects and more. They are most commonly associated with gambling but are also frequently used for friendly, no stakes games with friends and family.

You don’t have to be a gambler to love playing cards, although the stakes can make the game more intense and enjoyable. For whatever reason you enjoy playing cards, our playing cards and dice stickers and decals are a great way to show your passion of cards.

We have several different designs available including all four playing card suits and, of course, the lucky Ace of Spades. Also popular is the flaming dice sticker which, like the other designs, can be customized with your preference of color. Once you’ve chosen your favorite playing card or dice sticker and decal design you can personalize it by adding your own text, image or qr code.